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When you submit the secured website content form via Google Forms, you’ll select two “Date & Time” options to meet with our Ninja Brand Strategist. You will receive a 30 minute, Zoom Conference Invite via email from the two options you previously submitted on the website content form.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with our Ninja Brand Strategist for a 30 minutes Zoom Conference. On the 1-on-1 personal attention, you’ll go over the best web features that will suit your business needs. You’ll be able to go over the information you submitted on the website content form. The Ninja Brand Strategist will share insights to best position and showcased your brand according to your business industry. 

Your new OnepageClick Website will be ready in 15 days or 30 days (Depending on your package) after your “Content Submission and 1-on-1 Session is completed. Not, when you sign up.

Once your ‘Website Content Form” is Submitted and Your 1-on-1 Session with the Ninja Brand Strategist is completed, our Developers and Design Team will be assigned to work around the clock and send you the 1st draft of your new website. Please allow 10 business days for the first draft submission. 

Yes, your new website’s color(s) (1-3) can be adapted to your company’s brand colors.

A “Content Block” is the every individual section (4-8) that will contain the features based on your business specific needs.

Yes, you can. You’ll receive exclusive “EDITOR” access to your website. You’ll be able to change text, colors, photos and links for videos embeds. As company policy, you cannot edit the development, design or functionality of the website.

Yes, you can. Each subscription has included 2 free revisions prior launch. To make future requests after launch, must be done via e-mail for a flat fee of $125 per featured design block request. You’ll receive an email confirmation once the changes are completed. The new features request must ONLY be part of our available Powerful OnePageClick Features.

No. Our recommendation for end-user experience is to keep the maximum number of 8 blocks from our original designed template. 

Yes, you can always add more pages as long as you membership is active with the OnePage Plus Package. Each extra page fee is $497. Please keep in mind each extra page will be limited to ONLY 4 featured blocks for a better end-user experience. 

The header and footer are not considered blocks.

Yes, you can always add more emails only for OnepageClick “8 Blocks” Plans. As long as your membership is active with the OnePageClick “8 Blocks” Package. Each extra email fee is $25 per year extra.

No. For an efficient user experience, a content block is designed for a single feature.

The Standard OnepageClick Gallery is based on a lightbox portfolio layout. It can be a filtered by category. 

The Instagram Live Gallery Feature can be an automatic mirror feed of your Instagram account. Meaning, your photo gallery will always be up to date with what you post in your business Instagram account.

For an additional fee of $25 Flat Fee

PLEASE NOTE: You must provide your Instagram Credential (Login & Password) to be added to the main website. Facebook requirements for Legal ID and Business Validation. 

Yes, you can. You may showcase a single or multiple videos as a gallery or carrousel style within the same block.

Yes, of course! Our developers team will help you make this process very easy. You just need to keep the domain active from your provider and we’ll have it connected to our servers. Please note, if your domain from the third-party is not active, we assume no responsibilities for any connection malfunction.  If you request to add the domain name in our servers after the official website launch, a $25 fee will be charged to the card on file. 

In order to keep the premium service affordable to all OnePageClick members, “Customer Support” is only available via e-mail or chat. (within (9:00 am- 5:00pm NY Eatern Time,  M-F, business hours)

PLEASE NOTE: Always include you Order ID on your emails subject line.

The monthly subscription will be allocated to cover the premium service detailed in the product description as well as the “bonuses” valued over $700 a year.


The “One-Time” payment will cover the Development, Custom Design, Content Upload to your new OnepageClick Website.

The refund can only be done if have not sent the website content/information as confirmation to proceed with the development and design process.

Once you have selected one of our stunning designed templates and uploaded your information and assets, that is the CONFIRMATION you have approved the website design for our team of developers and designers to proceed to work with your new website.  Your investment is allocated to their time and resources dedicated to your new website.  


We will conduct promotional discounts periodically for our Newsletters Subscribers, Referral Program, and/or any Active Online/TV Broadcast Promotions submissions.

Yes, of course. We have a 2 Phase Approval Process.

STEP 1: Begins when you initially select a template of your choice and submit the necessary information to be uploaded to your new website.

STEP 2:  Once your new website has been completed by our OnePageClick Creative Team, you’ll receive a confirmation via email. You’ll receive a secure access code and a link to preview your new website.

In the same email you’ll have two options:

OPTION A: GO LIVE – Final Approval.

OPTION B: You can reply with specific notes and revisions to our OnePageClick Team.

PLEASE NOTE: Revisions are on 2 Phases. Additional revisions are available for additional fee of $125.

Our pre-designed web templates are strategically designed with flexible and powerful features to fit any business needs. Our submission form has been created so you can insert the necessary details and assets needed on each content block.

Once you have selected a template for your business, that is the “AGREEMENT” for our Developers Team to proceed to design and populate your content with the information you have provided.  

The renewal process is automatic unless you reach us via email within “30 days in advance” before your 1st end-of-year.  This will allow us to proceed with the proper protocol with transferring your domain name with your new or current provider.

The monthly subscription fee based on your membership. You will be charge automatically for every month using of our service.

The websites designs are not for sale, transferable, or downloadable, so the website will be live as long as the membership is active. We’ll provide a 7 days grace period if there is any delayed in payment. Then a your website will be removed from our servers unless the membership is renewed within 15 days after cancellation.   Otherwise, your website and its content will be deleted from our servers.

Available Only for OnePage “8 Blocks” Plan: Please provide your Google Credentials (Business Google Account) along with your Order ID, and Domain Name via email to:

Available Only for OnePage “8 Blocks” Plan: Must Submit the Calendly Credentials via email along with your Order ID, and Domain Name via email to: